Mapping Customer Job Stories – Adding the pain


cache_sw_340_256_0_0_100_amplify-a-need „amplify a need“ from @gapingvoid

In his excellent blog post „Replacing The User Story With The Job Story“ Alan Klement provided a very compelling argument to move away from mapping based on personas of users and instead focusing on what jobs need to be accomplished. I cannot do his post justice here, so please check it out here . The difference between the two is briefly illustrated as follows:

1-lwr2g0HvLOVr5IPVNoYxLg Typical User Story map (from Alan Klement)

1-ua_egpJ6K1fCAQ_hY5UHAA Job Story map (from Alan Klement)

I started using this framework immediately with Butterfly (more here), as well as some other products we were developing here at Protegra, as we felt that it was a novel and straightforward way to build empathy with customers and drill deeper into their motivations and expectations. Also, as illustrated above, the user story map is laden with far to many unspoken assumptions; whereas the assumptions with the…

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