Want to join Kotler (7Ps of marketing) by taking the guesswork out of growth?

Improving customer experiences

Anthony Ulwick has taken the guesswork out of innovation. For 25 years he has worked to guide companies to success. He has done this by introducing us to Jobs-to-be-Done theory, and converting it to practice using his rigorous innovation process known as Outcome-Driven Innovation.” Professor Philip Kotler

Businesses are often told that they need to change, disrupt themselves etc. based on the fact that the business lifecycle is accelerating. But the fact is that changing the behaviour of a person or a consumer is difficult – in 86% of cases businesses will choose their existing supplier without looking at the wider market (source Circle Research).

Whether it is innovation or asking someone to change brands the forces supporting and blocking change are similar.

In both cases there is a struggling moment when the customer makes a choice between a new supplier or sticking with the old one.

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